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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Raised by Wolves - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Bronwyn Alessia St. Vincent Clare, or as she preferred, Bryn, was like a present day Mongli, because she was, as the title suggested, Raised by Wolves. She's like a modern day Mogli, only that she was not raised by the common wolves, but werewolves. After her family had been killed by a Rabid (a lone werewolf who was a crazy) when Bryn was four, the alpha-werewolf of the largest werewolf pack in North America, Callum, took her in as her own and initiated her as a member of the pack. Even though he gave her to Ali (Alison, the human sister-in-law of a werewolf of the pack) to be raised, Callum was her legal guardian and treated her like his own daughter. He cared for her and taught her all the skills needed to survive pack-life and to defend herself when facing a werewolf. But even though Bryn was part of the pack, she had learned to close off her pack bond since she was a little child because she liked her freedom and autonomy (werewolves had to follow everything the alpha ordered. It's in their instincts), and also because she is one rebellious kid.

This book gets a five heart rating from the get go! I loved the idea of being Bryn, cause in my own fantasy land, I would be raised by werewolves. I also liked her because in some ways, she was a lot like me. She did not like to follow the rules Callum set. Callum always said she was a difficult kid to raise. And if you asked my mother, she will totally say the same thing. I also have this thing of doing exactly that when ordered not to do something. My curiosity just got the better of me. Which was just the problem Bryn had that lead to the discovery of Chase.
Other than those reasons, this book was wonderful and compelling all by itself. It was very fast-paced, had lots of action, and had made me cracking up all the time with Bryn's sarcasm. Also,  this book described werewolf pack-life in such detail which no other book that I've read had done before. In a way, this can be Pack-Life Survival 101. There are two main rules that can be seen over and over again throughout the book, which are females are to be protected, and alpha is to be obeyed.

I absolutely adore the baby twin werewolves, Kaitlin and Alexander (Ali's newborn baby twins), especially Kaitlin. Babies were already cute, but combine babies with puppies and you've got an irresistible combination. Not to mention that as I'm reading this I keep looking to my son playing with his toys on the ground and giggling to myself as he does the same things as the babies in the books. It felt a bit sad though, that Ali left her husband because it will always be pack-first with him. It's the nature of the werewolves. I felt heartbrokened when I heard that they had been crying for a solid hour when Ali packed them up and moved them together with Bryn. But then, they became so adorable again when they nibbled Bryn in their wolf-forms to wake her up. And even though Callum ordered Bryn to be beaten up to satisfy pack justice, I always thought, and still think so, that he's the good guy. Even though he lacked facial expression, I felt from the story that he cared for Bryn as his daughter/sister. He knew her mind very well and dealt with her every time she stepped out of line, which was almost all the time. He always had her best interest in heart, even if he did not reveal it. I love this book so much.

Thanks for listening to my opinions!

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