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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wicked (book 4) - by Addison Moore

This is the third book in a series, please do not read this review unless you have read Burn first! See the bottom for links and order List.

Seventeen year-old, Skyla Messenger is wishing people would just stay dead.

With Chloe back, Skyla finds it difficult to live under her tyranny and threats.

A seemingly innocent misstep in Skyla’s past comes back to haunt her and could end up costing her relationship with Gage.

Did any of you see this coming? I know I didn't. I assumed Tad and his crew would be ...well let's just call them "blue" from the start, just something about the way he acts sets off...well anyone! This is where I say well done Addison Moore! You've created a genuine antagonist. Though, he's not really the main perpetrator here...Chloe Bishop lives. And with that life, the blood pumping through her veins rises a new terror of hatred.

Wow, the construction of this world does better than most series by book four, hince the five stars. Usually books into their fourth book tend to slightly deteriorate with their world not being in need of much back up and yet having some sort of slight deterioration. Moore brings in new aspects of her world creation with each book, thus rising the standard and uping the ante. Skyla knows the truth about her past now, and has acted on it, but will that really settle things now that Chloe is back? I don't think so I'm afraid to say that in this book we find the betrayal go even deeper than we imagined and with a rise in family hormones now that baby talk has started who knows what is going to happen next.

Celestra Series
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Toxic (Coming Soon!)

Thanks for listening to my opinions!

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