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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Speech Class

So here is a nice little shout out to my speech class. You have not been forgotten:
Farid Machine, Candiland, Manda-Panda, Sean-John, Mellow Melissa, Nate the Great, Edward Scissorhands, Cautious Chris, Codi & Odie, Erica Cane, Victorious Valerie, Anna Banana, Andrea Android, Marvelous Marrisa, Mike & Ike, Goodnight Irene, Curious George, Traumatic Travis, Famous Amus, Bridget the Midget, Downtown Laura Brown, Earnest Earnestina, & Cindy Lou Hoo!

So as part of my Speech class we were asked to show three items for that could best describe us. The first of which I decided would be my blog. I love to read, it is a passion of mine, and I also like to share my opinions! Yes, I'm a Jabber-Jaw and I'm a Chatty Cathy, so one outlet of that is this. Second is my son Anthony, (Whom most of you have already seen but here's a picture anyway!) my pride and joy, and he loves his puppy. He's 15 months old and just got his first haircut today! We took new pictures today but I don't have them for the blog just yet, and can I say GO COWBOYS! Woot Woot! >.< You'll understand when you finally see the pictures.

My third item would be my camera, however it has to be in the shop today thanks to my son tugging at cords and as he put it "boo" short for boom. Although I do have a picture of that as well, or rather me USING it taken by a friend of mine.

Which brings me to my business, Underbrink Photography. Which I mainly do photography edits but from time to time I also USE my camera for quinceañeras, weddings, and birthday parties. I am mainly located on facebook at: but I do hand out cards and do photos at JC Penny's Photo Studio as well.

Hope my followers have enjoyed this as much as my Speech class hopefully will!

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