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Sunday, May 18, 2014

A little bit of Personal News

My Beautiful Baby Boy

My son is three years old as of this moment in time! (I predated and scheduled this post to appear right now) I couldn't be more proud of how much he has grown and how well he speaks. His language skills as well as social skills are amazing to watch as he develops. Today he will be spending time with various family members and will enjoy a lot of sweets and presents. This is the reason I didn't post a mid-month review this month, and like before I will be doing a one-per-month review schedule due to summer school starting up soon. 

I will be graduating with several associates degrees at the end of this Fall, and maybe even more at the end of Spring semester if I decide to stay here at the Jr. College that I'm currently at for Spring rather than transferring over to a University right away. 

I hope you have happy reading and well a just plain good ol' time!

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