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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Graduation Here I Come!

So as some of you already know, I've been attending the local junior college for the past few years. Well I've gone and done it now, I'm graduating! I'll be walking the stage on December 12, 2014 and a few of my graduation buddies got together with me to decorate our caps for graduation. It was a bit last minute and while I had already planned on decorating it after seeing last summer's commencement, I didn't have a CLUE what to decorate it like. So, after a day of Pinterest pins and Google searches, I found about 50 cute ideas, but none of them seemed to fit just right for me. I turned to my friends and asked for help in this and said, "I need something that screams ME and I see bunches of little things that say me in a soft voice, but I just need something to say that I'm a jack of all trades..."then a short breath and I realized as I was speaking the words that I had just come up with the saying for it as I finished, "...and I'm finally mastering one!" since my original thought was to finish the generic phrase of a master of none, I realized that I was mastering one of them. It was an epiphany of epic proportions and I still smile as I recount the simple yet easy fix to my problem. I searched online after this was finished and found NO results for a cap decoration with this wording. I am the first and I am seriously proud of it! lol 

So please critique and give me ANY and all thoughts you have on this, and maybe I can do a few adjustments still so I can make it even better. :D I would ADORE comments this time.,.please?

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