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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Enter Raschel

So I have decided that I should probably put my big mouth to some sort of use and start telling the world what I think of the books I read. My friends are constantly asking what books they should try next and I usually have such a long list of ideas on what they should read they leave me wondering if they should have ever opened their mouths to ask. Thus, I will be writing my OPINIONS on this blog for each book I read. I am not saying that everyone will feel the same way that I feel about a book, and there will be times that I tear a book apart from the binding in which it was published, but that won't happen too often really because I have this bad tendency of always finding something good in a book to brag about its author for.

Anyway, here is my reviewing policy:
Five Hearts: Means that you have not only brought me out of whatever world I am living in to transform me into your hero/heroine, but you have also taken all the love I have to give to your characters and doubled it!

Four Hearts:This book has made me tear up but not fully bawl into a bathtub full of tears, it has its one or two things that seem to be missing in order to make me weep for its characters as they bleed, but it has captured the essence of what these characters feel and how they react to situations.

Three Hearts: This book isn't bad, its also not amazingly awe-inspiring either. It either has a great storyline, and a few hesitation issues, or its got great details but the story has been lost in those details, but it is still high enough for me to say you should still read it and let's hope together that the author just needed the first book to fill the info in and the second book will be better.

Two Hearts:  The day shouldn't come that I would fall so low after a book that it only earns two hearts, two hearts means there were several objects that I couldn't seem to get past and most likely took several tries to read this book, having to set it down and take a break from the world created there to pick up another book to shake off the frustrations, or in some cases drowsiness, that came with reading this book.

One Heart: This is a sad day, because no book should have such little love, I don't think its really possible to feel this low after reading a book and if I EVER find a book I feel this way about, then know I am not recommending it or any of its series, I most likely won't read past the first book in said series and I feel bad for the author if they think this book was really ready to be published already.

If you ever feel like I should give a book a second chance feel free to email me with your thoughts and insight so I can take another round of reading with this new perspective. Email to Raschelworks(at)yahoo(dot)com

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