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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Interview with Addison Moore

R: Welcome Addison! I'm so glad you could join us today. So, you started this series originally as two different series entirely, what made you combine them in the end?

AM:I guess it was the fact that the first one, which was about a group of teenagers who lived on an island, had no real purpose other than common high school problems. The second one had a paranormal element that I was in LOVE with but couldn't get it to work. Something just wasn't clicking. So I was thrilled when I thought of combining the two because I wasn't ready to let those kids off the island just yet. And I'm glad I didn't! Ironically Skyla's name was originally Laken. I simply moved Laken to my new series, EPHMERAL (The Countenance) which will debut this summer before I release the seventh book in the Celestra Series, TOXIC.

 Raschel: How on earth do you balance everything in your life? You're a mother, a wife(which also means you're a cook, maid, dog walker, laundry mat, and so much more) not to mention you self-published your books to start and that entails so much more than people would initially assume. Care to give us all some insight?

AM: Ugh! You are so right about the laundry list of things that moms do! And don't get me started on laundry. I'm notorious for making lists and setting goals for each day. I actually set them so fantasically high that I never quite reach them but I like the concept, lol! I try to squeeze in housework whenever possible. I get my best plotting done that way and on the treadmill.

Raschel: Do you ever find yourself written into a corner and you're just plain stuck? How do you deal with the hum-drums of "writer's block"?

AM: All the time! I learned a long time ago that getting out that pickle was as simple as giving your main character 10 new problems they could have right at that moment and go with a few. It works every time. A few fun twists have come from moments like those.

Raschel: We hear that Skyla is going to marry Gage; Logan says that he too gets his chance as her husband, and all the while here is Marshall stating that he is going to be there after the Olivers, the last and final husband (that we know so far). How does Skyla feel about all these accusations of her future being clouded with husband dramas?

AM: Of course all three of those wonderful "visions" were purposeful events. I'd like to take the blame but I'll pass it off on the boys until the truth comes out. The truth does come out in full in book 8 the final Celestra book. I must admit I've known the end before I ever penned a word of the series and it's been fun leading the readers on this twisted journey. It's going to be very hard for me to write that last book because I do end the love triangle. *cries a little* I really do have a place in my heart for all three of the men in Skyla's life. I'll make sure they're all well taken care of.

Raschel: YOU'VE BEEN OPTIONED!! While we all know that means you're supposed to be put on film, we also know from other options that it doesn't always go according to plan, and sometimes they fall through. Is your optioning concrete yet and if so, do you know when they will start casting? I know a lot of readers are anxious to know more.

AM: Ha! Is anything concrete? No, it's most certainly not in the stone but it is in the hands of a very capable writer. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say her name so I won't but she's working on a treatment for the pilot. I was lucky enough to pay a visit to the 20th Century Fox lot and met with my producer. It was so fun and wild I won't ever forget it. As soon as I hear more news though I'll start filtering it down through facebook and my blog. I'm hoping soon!

Raschel: How many books are you currently planning in the Celestra Series, and how does it tie into the Countenance?

AM: OK. I started to feel a little distended around book 5 VEX when I was inundated with people asking, so I thought about it and decided about eight books. I've always said I'd let Celestra run its course because I've already taken so many liberties with it. I'm not sure I'll run such a long series again in the near future. But I will say Celestra is still running its course because Toxic just split into two parts. It still reads as one story arc though.

Raschel: Thanks again Addison for coming along and answering so many questions!

AM: Thank you SO very much for hosting me! I'm honored and humbled to have been invited. I can't wait to share many more books with you and your readers.

Well thanks for joining us for this insight into these series by Addison Moore! I hope you've enjoyed Celestra Week and don't forget to keep your eyes open for TOXIC, the seventh installment of the Celestra Series and every Tuesday Moore puts up Tuesday Teasers from both of her series books and she's even gone so far as to do interviews with the characters!

I'll see you all next week with a review on the MAYFAIR MOON by J. A. Redmerski. 

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