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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daughters of the Moon Series by Lynne Ewing

This post will contain some spoilers to this series.

In this series, you follow a set of girls, who find out that at their young ages, they are all gifted with different things, such as invisibility, mind reading, and visions of the future. These girls are hunted by an ancient evil called the Atrox, who basically wants to rule the world. The reason you might ask that such a powerful creature would hunt down a couple of, albeit "special", highschool girls is simply because they are Daughters of the Moon. These "talents" they have are gifts from the Greek Goddess Selene and they must form together to beat the followers of the Atrox from trying to bring darkness and despair to everyone on earth.

This series is quite intriguing, it has quite a few ups and downs and I have to say there were places where I never saw that coming! Love twits, and not to mention the crying you wind up doing over all of the high school angst that pops up throughout the series.

This series gets four stars, simply because each book is so short, you still get so much action, but in the long run, you're left waiting for the next book far too soon. I have heard rumors however that soon they will be re-releasing this series as anthologies. Where they should have about three of these books in one solo book at a time.

Thanks for listening to my opinion!

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