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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Elphame's Choice by P.C. Cast

Elphame, a satyr, Goddess born to a human mother and a centaur father, has never felt a part of life. She has been woshipped and taken care of to the point no one feels comfortable enough with her to be free to speak to her like a friend. She has always been on a pedestal in the eyes of the people in Partholon.

Elphame decides it is time to strike out on her own. Along with her brother, she travels across the country to restore the long abandoned MacCallan Castle. A century has passed since the terrible Fomorian battle that killed many of Elphame's clansman. While tales of ghosts keep most people away, Elphame feels the pull of the castle and knows deep in her soul she is meant to restore it and claim the castle as her own. She is meant to become The MacCallan, the leader of the clan. Love is something Elphame assumed she would never experience. Who would want to love someone so clearly not human. She loves her strong hoofed legs, but at the same time is aware how they set her apart from everyone around her. She is completely caught off guard when she meets Lochlan, a hybrid Fomorian who claims to be her destiny. But, what are Lochlan's true intentions? Can she trust the well-being of her clan for a chance at love?

This book was a great romance, Anyone who enjoys reading about days when warriors rode horses everywhere and electricity wasn't a thought, or how magic still lived within everyone would love this book. 

This book gets  three hearts, not because of the writing style, or lack of interest or anything like that, but sheerly because of the choice by the editor and publishing company to place this book series as a Young Adult series. There are several scenes in which I, as a mother, wouldn't be comfortable for my children to read at the ages of 14+. I would much rather see this book on the adult romance section of the book store due to the graphic content.

Thanks for listening to my opinion!

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