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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brighid's Quest (Book 2 from Elphame's Choice) - By PC Cast

Anyone who hasn't read Elphame's Choice should NOT read this review, this is the second in a series book. 

Brighid's Quest continues the story of the New Formorians from Elphame's Choice. After the death of Brenna, Cuchulain took the responsibility of going to the Wastelands to get the hybrid children. However, he has been gone for two months, which worried Elphame very much. To put her friend at peace, Brighid volunteered to travel to the Wastelands to get him. In the meantime, the shaman power that ran in her blood had started to awaken, even if she did not want to follow that path. With the help and guidance from Ciara, the New Formorian's shaman, she learned that it was her destiny to help Cu complete his soul. In the meantime, Brighid had to deal with her mother's efforts to manipulate her as well as her confused feelings for Cu. Unknown to her, her mother had placed into motion with her plans to create war between centaurs and humans. Brighid must race against her brother to drink form Epona's chalice so that she can take her mother's place as High Shaman of Dhianna herd to prevent the war.

To tell the truth, I liked this one better than Elphame's Choice, because there's more action with a rush for time and a waging battle. There are way too many ways to give away the ending however so I'm just going to keep it light and say that it was worthy of a YA rating, and it earned four hearts in my book.

Thanks for listening to my opinion!

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